Bicycle Case Result: Who ran the red light?

Cyclist represented by Law Office of Seth Davidson
Driver represented by Badhands Insurance Company Attorneys

Location of collision
Santa Monica


Cyclist was on a training ride with a buddy. The driver was going to work, heading in a perpendicular direction to the cyclists. The inattentive driver hit the cyclist because the driver ignored the tricolor signal lights controlling the intersection.

The cyclist and riding buddy said they had the green light. Of course the driver insisted that it was the cyclists who had the red right, and her light was green. The Badhands insurance adjuster denied all liability based solely on the driver’s false and self-serving statements, and discounted the eyewitness’s statements as lies because “We all know that friends always lie for each other.” The Badhands adjuster also ignored the traffic collision report filed by the Santa Monica cop, which placed blame squarely on the driver.

We shrugged at their intransigence and bad faith and filed a lawsuit; the cyclist’s injuries were significant, and the case went into litigation.

Through discovery, it became apparent that the driver was driving directly into the blinding sunrise. She had even made a statement to law enforcement that the sun was blocking her view, but amazingly the story changed once Badhands got involved, and she swore under oath that the sun was not blocking her view.

The moment of truth came in a long and conflict-filled deposition, when we got the driver, who was confused by the inconsistencies in her own story, to claim that the sun sun was 90 degrees to the side, a false claim that was easily blown apart with sunrise records showing that at the time of the collision the sun was in fact, directly in her eyes.

Liar liar, pants on fire, and this time the Badhands attorney realized that they had lied themselves into a corner.

The “I had the green light!” “No, I had the green light!” he-said, she-said, was conclusively resolved by our firm and resulted in a significant settlement for just under the limits of the substantial insurance policy’s coverage limits.

Got a he-said, she-said situation? Let us help. We’ve got your back, especially when the sun’s got the lying defendant’s front.

*Legal Disclaimer* The results described on this page are not a guarantee of a favorable result in your case. Each and every case is different, and a favorable outcome in this case summary is no guarantee that your case, even if it has any similarities, will be a favorable outcome.

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